Be Authentic.
"We operate on integrity as our moral compass"
"From our first meeting with PENDA, they really understood our brand and where we wanted to go with the project, the brief was interpreted perfectly"
- Frances Gilgunn, Communications & Public Affairs - Ontario Securities Commission
"They are small enough that you will probably get to know most of them while they work with you on your project but big enough that you can be safe in the knowledge that no matter what you throw at them they can cover it, deliver it and still smile through it."
- Victoria Barrington, Communications Manager - Barrick Gold
“They can take your video production project through every stage of the process, conception, pre-production, script writing, filming, post-production and delivery as well as being specialists in motion graphics and animation work. Whatever the video production, you will benefit from their enthusiasm and dedicated project management.”
- Lynda Joyet, Senior Manager, Convention Events & Sponsorship - PDAC

We’ve worked closely with over 100 companies to help them tell their CSR success stories.

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We’ve worked closely with over 100 companies to help them tell their CSR success stories.

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